Get involved

We will keep this page updated with news on how you can be involved in road safety week.  Below are a couple of simple actions you can take to show your support.

Adopt a yellow ribbon as a road safety ambassador

The symbolic display of yellow ribbons (on your car, your person or as a twibbon on your social profile) shows an active commitment to road safety and honours those who have been injured or killed in crashes.  Add the twibbon here.

Wear yellow to work or school

Make a fashion statement and raise awareness by organising a wear yellow to work or school day.  Don’t forget to post your photos to social media to promote the cause.  Use hashtags #DriveSoOthersSurvive and #YellowRibbon and tag us at RYDARoadSafety. For more information visit here.

Download & personalise your ‘plates’ for a selfie

Show your support and commitment to ‘Drive So Others Survive’ with a simple signboard and share your pictures on social media!  Download and print our number plate signboard – personalise your plate and share your pledge to looking after others on our roads.  Grab a snap and post it to social media with the following hashtags #drivesootherssurvive, #rydaroadsafety #yellowribbon, #roadsafetyweek.  Don’t forget to tag us in at RYDARoadSafety (on Instagram or Facebook).  Aus Plate | NZ Plate

Remember the 1200 at 1200

In Australia, at midday on the Monday of Road Safety Week,, we will pause to remember the more than 1200 lives lost on our roads every year.  We invite you, wherever you are, to take a moment to#Rememberthe1200 at 1200.