Parents & Caregivers

RYDA gives students an extensive introduction to road safety across a number of topics from understanding how personality impacts risk to buying and maintaining a safe car.

In the RYDA workshop, students work with their peers to come up with strategies to be better prepared and make good decisions, both as drivers and as highly influential passengers. These resources have been developed to help you support your child as they navigate through a time in their lives when they are at increased risk of injury. If you want to know more, drop us an email.

Check out the About Road Safety tab for more information on the risks to young drivers. Let us know your thoughts on novice drivers and the type of education you think will lower their risks.

Did you know that you began teaching your child how to drive from the moment they were old enough to observe the world around them from the back seat of the car?

They have been subconsciously learning from your behaviour ever since. If you want you child to be a safe road user, lead by example and let them see you:

  • Planning your trips
  • Maintaining your vehicle
  • Making sure you’re always fit to drive
  • Always resisting distractions
  • Responding calmly to traffic situations and other road users
  • Not only following, but supporting the road rules and the role of police

Drive Coach Workshop and Webinar for Parents and Carers

Tips & Tools to supporting safe drivers

Let us know what you think about road safety education for youth and specifically, the RYDA program and help us continually improve its impact on students and the school community.