RYDA Facilitators

Delivery of the RYDA Program in a manner which maintains the highest of standards and has the greatest impact on students relies, largely, upon the skill of our facilitators. Our dedicated team of facilitators all bring a range of expertise and experience and each are talented communicators who are passionate about road safety and working with youth.

Importantly, each facilitator we engage with must be committed to continuous self-improvement and willing to participate in RSE’s training prior to delivering their first session and throughout their tenure with RYDA. RSE is committed to providing mentoring which helps achieve an improved and professional performance.

At RSE, we work hard to ensure that the program is written in a way that, following best practice and evidence, changes mental models and behaviour. While we write the program, it’s our facilitators who bring it to life. If you want to know more, drop us an email.

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Meet our Champion facilitators

Each year, at our Supporting Excellence in Road Safety Awards, we recognise the outstanding work of individuals who have that special knack for working with young people and achieve great evaluative feedback. Meet this year’s Champion facilitators:

  • In Australia

    Andrea Bigham (NSW)

  • In Australia

    Wide Bay Burnett District Police (Qld)


  • In New Zealand

    Kelly Munford