RYDA students are nourished and ready to learn thanks to the Rapid Relief Team

In New Zealand the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) have been providing some fantastic support at some of our venues by offering a free BBQ lunch to our students, no matter the size of the student group.  At times they have also fed the whole group; students and all staff at a programme day.  The staff get to enjoy delicious home-made hamburgers.

Initially starting in the Horowhenua region a couple of years ago it has now expanded across many of our venues from Kaitaia down to Timaru.  It has added a fun and welcome element to the RYDA programme which has been really appreciated by students and schools alike. Some students have set a target for the most sausages they can eat – not to be recommended in a half hour time frame if you don’t want some ill side effects!

Rapid Relief Team are a charity that offer support in four key areas: youth, emergency services, homelessness, health and disability.  They offer catering services both proactively, like with RYDA, and also reactively, for example if there is a natural disaster they will come along and help feed the emergency services while they are managing the crisis as they did for the Nelson fires.

To find out more about the great work the Rapid Relieve Team do, check out their website: nz.rapidreliefteam.org/